Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

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Big Sky Montana Ski Trip, Rob & Ryan DeLena, Bode Miller

How are you? What’s up with this weather?!? Officially 88°F on Wednesday? Not saying that I don’t like it, but it is a little bit much. I like to ease into the warmer temps. But I’m enjoying them, and I suspect all of us are. (I guess I’m a true Minnesotan, as the weather is often the first thing I talk about!)It was a week ago Wednesday that we got back from our trip to Big Sky, MT, where we visited my girls! We had such a great time! I’m really proud of them and their partners for truly making a difference in Big Sky. They all have have successful professional careers, are completely off of my payroll, and now (as...

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Duluth Photoshoot, Big Sky, Spring in the Shop

How are you? It’s hard to believe the end of March is here! I’d like to say where’d the winter go, but it seems to be lingering on and on! More snow this weekend? Let’s hope not… It’s been a little over a week since we did out photoshoot for Brightwater's 2023 look book! We headed up the the North Shore of Lake Superior, to Knife River, and had a fun time collecting many amazing shots for next fall/winter. After I go to market and select the fall and winter clothing mix, I ask the reps to send me sample pieces so we can shoot photos of them. The Brightwater crew is a wonderful collection of amazing friends that know how to...

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Spring IS Coming + 2023 Look Book Shoot in Duluth

How are you? Well, I hope. I’ve been enjoying the sunshine of this past week. That old sun is getting stronger and stronger. Feels so good! It’s been streaming into the shop in the mornings. Such great light! The shop's beginning to look more like spring as boxes arrive daily. We’re working to get them all checked in and out on the floor. It’s fun to see the bright colors and lighter fabrics. Makes me think this never-ending winter might eventually melt away!This weekend, however, is all about winter, as the Brightwater crew is headed to the North Shore of Lake Superior to shoot the 2023 Look Book. I’ve been scrambling to write my fall orders and then coordinate with...

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Saylorsburg, Penn + NY Women's Market for Fall '23

Surviving the snowstorm? I’m sitting at the table at my friend Tim’s house outside of Saylorsburg, PA. Tim and I both went to Macalester about a thousand years ago. Together we moved to Vail about two weeks after graduation. Tim didn’t know how to ski. He learned fast! I’m grateful for our longtime friendship! We had planned this chance to get together to spend time at his country house a month or so ago.  (His primary home is on Roosevelt Island, in the East River between Manhattan and Queens, NY.) The initial plan was to go skiing for a day at one of the ski resorts here in the Poconos. Unlike Minnesota, this area hasn’t seen virtually any snow this winter,...

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Klondike Recap + Markets in Chicago

How are you? I hope all is good in your world! It’s been a busy few weeks for me. As I hope all of you know, this past weekend was the Klondike Dog Derby here is Excelsior. It was a great event, if I must say so myself! It started off Friday with the vet checks, and our Meet-the-Mushers and Hug-a-Husky events. This was family-oriented with live programs, music, hot cocoa, a photo booth, ice carving and more! Saturday was the main event, the sled dog race itself. We had 35 teams from as far away as Alaska, and all across Canada and the US! It was so great to see these super athletes, the sled dogs, so excited to...

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