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Coterie for Fall 2022

Hi All,How are you? I hope you’re doing well. As I write, I’m looking at ferries criss-crossing the blue sparking water of the Hudson River. It’s chilly, but seeing open water and boats does make me hold hope that summer is on the way!We are here in NYC for the Women’s Markets for Fall/Winter 2022. Lots to look at and lots of walking! We have been to multiple shows and showrooms. There’s a lot of great things I’ve seen and picked for Fall '22, if I have to say so myself! This is always such an interesting time for a retailer. I’m having to split my brain as I’m working on selecting and ordering Fall '22 product, whilst the new spring...

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The Big Race Day

Hi All,How are you? Did you make it to Excelsior (or out on Lake Minnetonka) for the Klondike Dog Derby? If you did, you know what an amazing weekend of sled dog racing it was! I’ve heard there were up to 28K folks that experienced the Klondike two weekends ago. We had 22 teams participate from as far away as Northwest Territories in Canada, as well as Alaska. My favorite was Elena Freking. At 11 years old, this was Elena's first 8-dog class race. She did amazing! (It’s really no surprise as her dad and mom, Blake and Jennifer Freking, are icons in the sled dog racing world.) The whole event was spectacular! Those words echoed from the spectators, the mushers,...

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Shop Update

Hi All,Welcome to February. Time doesn’t seem to be going any slower this winter. Between Brightwater, The Klondike Dog Derby and some ski racing, the days are flying by!Thanks to all of you that have stopped by Brightwater and taken advantage of the Winter Clearance Sale! I just marked down more of my remaining winter items so you can save even more and so we can make room for spring apparel that will be arriving soon. Sweaters, sportswear, jackets and outerwear are now up to 60% off. It’s a great time to grab a few new pieces, as we know winter is far from over. Seems to me that we’ve had a greater number of below zero days than the...

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Klondike 2022

Hi All,How’s your January, so far? It’s hard to believe that is almost the 15th. Time doesn’t seem to be moving any slower. Maybe it's that old saying,”Time flies when you're having fun!” I think we all need to be having more fun, too! I did on Wednesday as it was my first day of the Ski Challenge 2022 season at Buck Hill ski area. In some respects it's silly to think about all of us old folks still ski racing (I’m not getting any faster!), but it sure is fun. I’ve been on the same team for years. Good people, good times, and it gets me out on the slopes twice weekly.  Speaking of fun, the Klondike Dog Derby...

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Into 2022!

I’m sitting at the kitchen table up at the cottage, looking out over the frozen lake as the sun’s rays begin to climb over the trees. The trees are blanketed with a fresh coating of snow. It’s so beautiful! 3-4 inches of snow fell after we got here last night around 5 p.m. That’s on top of the 8 inches that has fallen in the past few days. So, it's truly a winter wonderland. I’m going to be heading up to Giant’s Ridge Ski Resort soon to get some turns in!Each time I get up here, I’m filled with gratitude. I feel so blessed. Not only for this cottage, but for all that is my world — my girls, Deb,...

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