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Look Book 2021

Hi All! How are you? Doing well I hope? I’m pretty darn good, too. I am probably one of the few folks who's been excited and happy that the temps have fallen and the snow has arrived! It could be said that I have a vested interest in the temps dropping, with all of my cold weather offerings in the shop, but I do like the cold and snow! Later today I’m headed up for the third and hopefully final attempt at getting pine boughs and greens for the holidays. We had to cut the last trip short and didn’t get a chance to gather them. It will be more fun now that the weather’s colder!What’s really got me excited is the new...

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Time for Good-Clothes-Wearing Weather

How are you? I hope you’re doing well as we finally shift into weather that feels like fall! As I sit at my desk in the loft at home, I can hear the wind through the trees outside. I do love that sound. Remember last year?  We already had 7 inches of snow by now! As you know, I love this season in Minnesota. Cool frosty mornings and crisp sunny afternoons. Good clothes-wearing weather! I happen to have a vested interest in the cooler temps, as Brightwater is stocked and ready for sweater weather! I think I’ve got one on the best inventories of sweaters for fall and winter that I’ve had in years. From cozy cashmere pieces from White + Warren, Kokun, and Kinross, to classics from Dale of...

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New York + Ely Lake

      How are you? How’d it get to be October already? I want it to feel more like fall than it seems to be at the moment. I’m waiting for that morning when I can reach for the favorite sweater, but I’m afraid I’m still reaching for that favorite t-shirt. But, it not all bad. We snuck up to the Cottage last Sunday night, and had two glorious days. Warm and sunny and the colors were just wonderful. Even the evenings were warm and calm. Perfect for late night pontoon boat cruises. The stars were so amazing! That was a short but sweet getaway after the week before, which was quite hectic. It was Art and Apples on the Lake the 18th and...

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Perusing for Fall/Winter 2021

        Hi All,How are you? I’m hoping you're doing well and are happy. I’m happy to see the recent rains, and am enjoying at least a few days of cooler temps. It’s hard to believe it’s the middle of August!  I’ve also been enjoying this August because I’ve been able to return (masked-up) to markets! I spent the first part of this week in Chicago, at the Collective. The Collective is a men’s market held at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. (It’s a magnificent building in its own right — check it out here.) It was so good to reconnect with rep friends and fellow retailers. Just to be able to touch fabrics and see styles in person was so terrific! This market was for...

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