Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

Duluth Photoshoot, Big Sky, Spring in the Shop

How are you? It’s hard to believe the end of March is here! I’d like to say where’d the winter go, but it seems to be lingering on and on! More snow this weekend? Let’s hope not…
It’s been a little over a week since we did out photoshoot for Brightwater's 2023 look book! We headed up the the North Shore of Lake Superior, to Knife River, and had a fun time collecting many amazing shots for next fall/winter. After I go to market and select the fall and winter clothing mix, I ask the reps to send me sample pieces so we can shoot photos of them. The Brightwater crew is a wonderful collection of amazing friends that know how to have fun together and make the clothing shine — all so naturally without much prompting at all! Not only did we have a great team last weekend, but the North Shore was in all its glory with lots of snow, wind, and big waves that made the photoshoot ever more incredible.

We ate and photographed amazing food and signature cocktails. We enjoyed rugged settings all along the shoreline, including some greats shots at Stoney Point, where we were amazed and in awe of a large handful or hearty souls out surfing the breaks of icy Lake Superior! Of course, we couldn’t be in Knife River without a couple stops at Russ Kendall's. We damn near ate our weights in their smoked fish! We also ventured into Duluth to garner some photos. We’ve mostly been featuring the outdoors in the look books, so it was fun to capture something of an urban vibe. Duluth’s has a lot of great things going on! It was fun to highlight some of them. Canal Park is always fun — especially the Virkre Distillery — but we ventured to the Lincoln Park Craft District of West Superior Street. We stopped in to visit a favorite Excelsior-grown shop, Frost River, and also sampled some damn good smoked BBQ from O.M.C. Smokehouse. We know good BBQ (think Jon Wipfli, from Animales Barbecue Co.), but these guys did it well! 

All in all it was an amazing weekend! I’m grateful for it, and can't wait to launch another edition of the Brightwater look book this coming November. Stay tuned!

I perhaps should have started this not saying that I’m writing from Big Sky, MT. Deb and I flew out Wednesday morning for a week of skiing and hanging with my daughters, Han and Lu. This place keeps getting more and more snow! It’s going to be another day of epic skiing today! I’ll share more of this trip when I return. Just know I’m in my happy place in the mountains with all of my girls! 

I’d be remiss with out at least mentioning that the shop now is 80% full of spring apparel! We’ve got new offerings from Faherty, Hartford, Relwen, Margaret O’leary and so much more! If you’re about to head off to somewhere warm, swing by and see the great new warmer-weather collection in the shop. You’ll be looking good for your trip if you do!

So, for now, be kind, be respectful and share lots of love.

I’m off to ski!
- Bill

P.S. Oh, and yes, for all of you who have met Ms. Bee, Connie’s foster-poodle, she had 8 little Bee-ettes Tuesday night! Bee is an amazingly kind dog and I’m so happy that she’s soon to head off to a family that will love her forever!

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