Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

Big Sky Montana Ski Trip, Rob & Ryan DeLena, Bode Miller

How are you? What’s up with this weather?!? Officially 88°F on Wednesday? Not saying that I don’t like it, but it is a little bit much. I like to ease into the warmer temps. But I’m enjoying them, and I suspect all of us are. (I guess I’m a true Minnesotan, as the weather is often the first thing I talk about!)

It was a week ago Wednesday that we got back from our trip to Big Sky, MT, where we visited my girls! We had such a great time! I’m really proud of them and their partners for truly making a difference in Big Sky. They all have have successful professional careers, are completely off of my payroll, and now (as I like to say) I get their benefits: free skiing and lodging! 

Brightwater Clothing, Excelsior MN, Big Sky Montana Ski Trip
Brightwater Clothing, Excelsior MN, Big Sky Montana Ski Trip

Big Sky’s snow was amazing and the skiing was terrific! It really never stopped snowing for the week that we were there. There were brief moments of sunshine followed by another snow shower. The mountain was 100% open and I covered as much of its terrain as I could! As I've said before, if you haven’t skied Big Sky, you owe it to yourself to get out there.

Brightwater Clothing, Excelsior MN, Big Sky Montana Ski Trip

Brightwater Clothing, Excelsior MN, Big Sky Montana Ski Trip
We also took time to enjoy Montana, spending a day in Bozeman, and a day driving down to West Yellowstone, the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park. So beautiful to see and experience.  
There was a busy social calendar, too! We had an opportunity to attend an elaborate birthday party at the Yellowstone Club, and were invited to the one-year anniversary gathering for Bode Miller’s new ski company, Peak Skis. Which, by the way, are terrific skis — I spent a few days on them!

We also had the opportunity to meet the father/son team of Rob and Ryan DeLena. Rob and Ryan just published a book, “Without Restraints, How Skiing Saved My Son’s Life.”  Ryan as a child was prone to uncontrollable emotional outbursts and inner intensity and defiance, that prompted his parent to seek out help that included medication, restraining, and eventually institutionalization. However, Rob never gave up, and together they discovered skiing. It’s an amazing path and Ryan now is doing so well. My daughter Hannah’s fiancé, Ben Brosseau, a Big Sky guide, played a big roll in helping Ryan get to where he is! You can follow along with Ryan’s adventures: @extreme-Ryan_Delena. Read the book!

All these experiences made a It truly amazing trip! One that I won’t forget!

Now back in the shop, and I'm loving the feeling of having the door open and seeing all the smiles on people's faces as they stroll in. Brightwater is fully set for the warm weather with a huge selection of spring and summer wear. Relwen, Faherty, Fire and Ice, summer wear from Parajumpers, Hartford, Barbour, Margaret O’Leary, Amundsen and more on both the women's and men's sides. It’s fun to see the new collections bring some color back into Brightwater as the sunlight streams in! As many of you know, it’s always best to shop Brightwater early while sizes are still available. I’d love to have you swing by, take a look, and chat a bit! I’ll be here all weekend, so swing on in. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t something that catches your eye!

I’ve got more boxes that the UPS and Fedex guys just dropped off, so I’m going to cut this short. Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather (while it lasts!). Swing through Excelsior and pop into Brightwater, I’ll be happy to see you!

Please be kind to one another and share a little love!

Lots of love to all of you,
- Bill

Brightwater Clothing, Excelsior MN

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