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Emerson Fry, Faherty & Excelsior needs your help!

I’m writing this morning with my Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce hat on. I’m the current President of the Board of Directors.  I’m writing because we need your help. We are in dire need of traffic control volunteer positions to be filled on the 4th of July. In the past, a local Boy Scout Troop has helped out, but they had to back out at a late moment. If you or a friend could take one of these two-hour shifts that would be incredibly helpful! Volunteers help prevent any unplanned traffic from getting on to Lake Street. Bring a lawn chair and a cooler!  We need you in order to make the Lake Minnetonka 4th of July Fireworks happen. Please take a minute to click on this Sign-up...

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Father's Day HQ

  Swing through Brightwater this week and we will help you find just the right something for dad — or Grandad or Uncle or hubby or any special dad-figure in your life. From top-notch threads to cool accessories and gear, we've got the best goods for guys!

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Father's Day

Hi there,I’m sitting at the kitchen table at the house on the point, up north. It looks out to the east. The morning sun has filled the lake with diamonds. So beautiful. So relaxing. We came up Saturday evening after I closed up the shop. We got here in time to watch the sun set from the dock. Again, so beautiful. It’s 66F with a light breeze, and the lake is 72F — a nice reprieve from the heat of the Cities!Sitting here allows me to reminisce about this place when it was my Grandparents' summer home. They would spend winters at the house in Eveleth. Once spring came, they would move out to the lake for the summer. I would boat over from...

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New Amundsen Sports from Norway & Bellerose from Belgium

It’s only been a week since my last note, but I wanted to touch base before I head out to Palm Springs for week on Saturday! I’m going to do my best to relax and escape into a few books and hikes. There may be a cigar and a touch of bourbon, too!I also wanted to make mention that I’m in need of some help at Brightwater. Sadly, Molly is headed back to Park City, her home, and I need to find someone to fill her shoes — tough as that will be! I’m needing someone who’s technologically savvy enough to learn and master the POS/Inventory Network, the Shopify website, and feels comfortable on the retail floor. There’s an opportunity to assist with the...

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