Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

Spring IS Coming + 2023 Look Book Shoot in Duluth

How are you? Well, I hope. I’ve been enjoying the sunshine of this past week. That old sun is getting stronger and stronger. Feels so good! It’s been streaming into the shop in the mornings. Such great light!

The shop's beginning to look more like spring as boxes arrive daily. We’re working to get them all checked in and out on the floor. It’s fun to see the bright colors and lighter fabrics. Makes me think this never-ending winter might eventually melt away!

This weekend, however, is all about winter, as the Brightwater crew is headed to the North Shore of Lake Superior to shoot the 2023 Look Book. I’ve been scrambling to write my fall orders and then coordinate with my reps and suppliers to have the fall/winter samples shipped in so we can photograph the new styles! We’re headed to Knife River, where we’ve rented two houses. One is a modern cottage that will be filled with light, which will make for terrific photos. The other is nestled in the woods, which will add another flavor.  
We plan to head to Duluth and shoot some more urban photos, too. It’s going to be great mix of venues and settings. I’ll share some pics when we get back! I feel so blessed to have such a great crew of talented friends that come together to make this happen. I also feel so lucky to have Emily and Joel Vikre join us for the first time for this shoot. As Duluth residents and owners of Vikre Distillery, they add local knowledge and expertise to our arsenal!  

On top of shooting photos of amazing clothing (Yeah, I’m a little biased!) we all share such warmth and camaraderie. We’ll eat delicious food and enjoy amazing spirits, and laugh a lot! I’m grateful for the entire group! And there’s no worrying about not having enough snow. We were up at the cottage the first weekend in March and drove to Knife River to check out the area. If you think we have a lot of snow…it doesn’t even compare to what’s up there! And there’s more predicted for this weekend! 

Although I’ll be gone, I’ve told the Brightwater crew to take an additional 20% off all of the remaining discounted winter offerings! There’s a great selection of cashmere sweaters, vests, jackets, parkas and more, marked 40-60% off, and now add an additional 20% off! You might want to swing by Brightwater after the Luck-of-the-Lake Run on Saturday and scoop up some of these incredible discounted pieces. The snow isn’t going away any time soon. Perhaps you’ll find your own pot of gold for St. Patrick's Day at Brightwater!

Enjoy your weekend! Go for a run, celebrate with the Irish, and swing by Brightwater! I’ll be back in the shop Monday so stop over and I’ll tell you about the look book shoot.  

Until then, be kind to each other. Share some fun, do some good, and stay warm.

Lots of love,
- Bill


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