Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

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Skiing at Buck Hill + Winter Clearance

How are you? I hope doing well. I can honestly tell you that I’m not really liking the week’s weather! It’s not supposed to rain in Minnesota in January! Now we have a frozen mess. I’m being pretty Minnesotan in my talking about he weather. I guess I am what I am! (However, no talk about the Vikings!)I have reconnected with my two teams in the Ski Challenge at Buck Hill. Wednesday I ski in the afternoon, and then again Sunday night. I really enjoy those days! Virtually every time I’m about to get ready to head out, I say to myself I’ve got too much to do to go race. Thank goodness it’s teams rather than just individuals, as...

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A New Year + Winter Clearance in the Shop

  Welcome to 2023! I alway ask myself, how did it get here so quickly? Seems it was just 2021. Yet, bring it on! Let’s make 2023 the best one yet.We started the year up at the cottage. We drove up to find mountains of snow and the cottage warm and waiting for us. We relaxed, cooked good foods, enjoyed some wine in front of the fireplace and took time to get outside and enjoy it. We were so fortunate to have nice warmer weather! Last year we woke on New Years morning to the thermometer reading -39F. This year it was 25F. Much more suitable for enjoying the outdoors. I even managed to get a few afternoons of skiing...

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Festive Gifting Stocked in the Shop

The holiday season is upon us and I’m hoping that in the midst of the busyness, you are taking time to relax and enjoy a bit of quiet and solitude. We all know it’s going to get crazy!The Brightwater elves have bee busy, too! We’ve got the shop looking festive and have a slew of new offerings for the gifting season. From new flannel shirts and sweaters, to new shipments of parkas to keep you warm and cozy, the shop is stocked with all the things needed to finish off your holiday shopping! We also have a wonderful collection of small gifts and stocking stuffers. Some of my favorites are gloves and mitts from Hestra. Hestra of Sweden has been...

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Holiday Sweater Sale

How are you? I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! We spent it with Larry and Jane. Larry and I lived next to each other my freshman year at Macalester. We kinda hated each other. But have been best friends since! We had a delightful time. Thanks guys!I’m going to keep this note is short and sweet. I've decided to have a Black Friday + Small Business Saturday Sweater Sale. We have a huge selection of Brightwater sweaters that have been marked up to 50% off, some even more! The sale sweaters are in the back of the shop, all marked with a red sale tag! These are beautiful cashmeres, wools and more. If you like Brightwater sweaters, and like them on...

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Gearing up for the busiest season!

How are you? It’s hard to believe that it’s a week away from Thanksgiving. I have to admit that I’m a happy guy now that the snow has arrived. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I breathed a sigh of relief when the snow started falling — if only for the sake of Brightwater’s large collection of cozy apparel filling the racks! I do so enjoy the change of seasons and the snow and cold! It’s a part of this northern world. I embrace it!We headed up to the cottage last Saturday evening to garner the greens for the shop and to just relax a bit. I wish I could relax more, but there always seems to be a host...

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