Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

Skiing at Buck Hill + Winter Clearance

How are you? I hope doing well. I can honestly tell you that I’m not really liking the week’s weather! It’s not supposed to rain in Minnesota in January! Now we have a frozen mess. I’m being pretty Minnesotan in my talking about he weather. I guess I am what I am! (However, no talk about the Vikings!)

I have reconnected with my two teams in the Ski Challenge at Buck Hill. Wednesday I ski in the afternoon, and then again Sunday night. I really enjoy those days! Virtually every time I’m about to get ready to head out, I say to myself I’ve got too much to do to go race. Thank goodness it’s teams rather than just individuals, as I have a responsibility to to my teammates to show up. Once I get there it’s alway a blast! When you really get down to the skiing, it’s all about the 10 yards in front of you. Snow is snow and turns are turns!

And speaking of fun, we’re making that happen at Brightwater! The Winter Clearance is on and there are savings abounding. Cashmere sweaters for women and men are up to 50% off. There are markdowns on tops, pants sweaters and outerwear! There’s a great selection of Parajumper jackets and parkas that are up to 50% off too! You know that I’m pretty picky about what gets selected for Brightwater. Now’s your chance to save yourself some money and smile as you bring home something new for your winter wardrobe!

As always, I’m grateful for each and every one of you. You are the heart and soul of Brightwater! I enjoy seeing all of you swing by!

Have a great weekend and be sure to spread joy and care!

Lots of love,
- Bill

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