Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

Look Book 2021

Brightwater Clothing Look Book Fall/Winter 2021 has arrived!

Hi All! 

How are you? Doing well I hope? I’m pretty darn good, too. I am probably one of the few folks who's been excited and happy that the temps have fallen and the snow has arrived! It could be said that I have a vested interest in the temps dropping, with all of my cold weather offerings in the shop, but I do like the cold and snow! Later today I’m headed up for the third and hopefully final attempt at getting pine boughs and greens for the holidays. We had to cut the last trip short and didn’t get a chance to gather them. It will be more fun now that the weather’s colder!

What’s really got me excited is the new 2021 Brightwater Look Book. It’s hot off the press, and it's amazing! A big shout out Bethany Hway, of Grayscale Business and Brand Building, for putting this together. She’s incredible! We shot the photos last fall at Camp Tanadoona, just a few minutes outside of Excelsior as well as at Jay Cooke State Park, just south of Duluth. The 2021 Look Book captures the essence of what Brightwater is truly about: authenticity. We feature a few of the Brightwater brands that I feel truly embrace that authenticity and longevity. In the book you'll find the stories of brands Parajumpers (from Italy), Nobis (from Canada), Dale of Norway (from Norway), Amundsen (again from Norway), Alps & Meters, and Filson (both from here in the USA). I hope you like our fourth look book as much as I do. It’s a great group of friends that come together to make this happen. I’m grateful for each one and love them so much! It’s going in the mail this week. If I didn’t have your mailing address, please swing by Brightwater and grab a copy, or give me a call or email and I’ll get one off to you. 

Brightwater continues to receive more fall and winter items. As I said before, I think this is one of the strongest offerings I’ve had in a number of years. It makes me grateful to see so many happy customers leaving with smiles as they found what they were looking for, or found something they didn’t know they wanted! If you find yourself in Excelsior, Please swing by Brightwater, and say, hi. It’s always great to see you come in.  

As we move into the Thanksgiving week, we all have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful and grateful to all of you that have helped make Brightwater such a success. We’ll be celebrating at home this Thanksgiving, and then will  be back in the shop Friday for the start of the holiday season. Our hours next weekend are 10 - 6 Friday and Saturday, and 12 - 5 Sunday. I hope I’ll see you soon!

Be well, be kind, stay safe, and take care of each other.  Happy Thanksgiving, too!

Lot of love,

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