Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

We have a lot to be grateful for...

Bill Damberg Brightwater Clothing Excelsior Minnesota


Hi All!   

It’s a quiet Monday at Brightwater. It’s the start of the Thanksgiving Week. Folks are beginning to get ready for their Thanksgiving meal. Everybody’s wondering how this holiday will work given Covid19. It’s a frustrating time, in a frustrating year. 

We probably aren’t going to able to see all those who we want to (like for me, my kids) yet, I still have a lot to be grateful for. We all are healthy. We’ve got solid roofs over our head, hot running water, and warm clothes. In the grand scheme, that’s pretty great!

I’ve had a good last month at Brightwater. Thank you all! It’s been nice to all of you who’ve stopped by to take a look at the new products, or to grab a copy of the latest Brightwater Look Book. There are so many great new products featured in the Look Book, and in our online shop. If you haven't already, you really ought swing by the shop on Water Street, or hop on www.brightwaterclothing.com to see for yourself. I might be biased, but I think you’ll like our newest collection!

I’m pretty excited to show you some of the new offerings from We Norwegians and Dale of Norway. We Norwegians, is a small, family-owned clothing company that specializes in wool products, all made in Europe. Based in Voss, Norway, and owned by Øyvind and Tove, (both of whom have been to Brightwater), their sweaters and other pieces reflect a modern Norwegian design and aesthetic. To quote Tove, "We Norwegians to me, is so much more than just an apparel brand. It represents a lifestyle, it represents a distinct set of values, and it represents our cultural heritage.” I’ve been working with them for a number of years and they continue to impress me with their designs and fabrications.

Dale of Norway, is a 140 year old sweater company. Manufactured in Dale, Norway, since 1872, Dale sweaters are the classic Norwegian sweater. I’ve been selling Dale of Norway for over 25 years. My personal collection of Dale sweaters sometimes pop up in the Look Books. The are beautiful sweaters, constructed for a lifetime of use. I could put one of my 25-year-old sweaters on the table next to a brand new sweater, and you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference. Those are the pieces that I love to sell you. The ones you’ll still be wearing after 25 years.

Swing by Brightwater this weekend. Pop into the other shops here in Excelsior. All of us small shopkeepers, in Excelsior, and everywhere else, really need your support this holiday season. We’re cleaning regularly, limiting the number of shoppers in the store at a time, and here to help you in anyway we can.

As we gather together this Thanksgiving, in whatever form and size, I’m indeed going to grateful. Grateful for family. Grateful for health. Grateful for Brightwater. Grateful for being in Excelsior, and grateful for all of you. I hope you have a terrific Day of Thanks!

Lots of love,

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