Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

Father's Day

Bill Damberg, Brightwater Clothing, Excelsior Minnesota

Hi there,

I’m sitting at the kitchen table at the house on the point, up north. It looks out to the east. The morning sun has filled the lake with diamonds. So beautiful. So relaxing. We came up Saturday evening after I closed up the shop. We got here in time to watch the sun set from the dock. Again, so beautiful. It’s 66F with a light breeze, and the lake is 72F — a nice reprieve from the heat of the Cities!

Sitting here allows me to reminisce about this place when it was my Grandparents' summer home. They would spend winters at the house in Eveleth. Once spring came, they would move out to the lake for the summer. I would boat over from our house on the other side of the lake to have breakfast with Grampa Paul. He was a kind-hearted man. He liked Swedish Pancakes for breakfast! Dad was much like Grampa Paul. Both kind-hearted, both architects. With Father’s Day around the bend, I'm missing them both.

Speaking of Father's Day, we’ve got you covered at Brightwater, if you're looking for something special for dad. There’s a great selection of shirts and shorts from Faherty Brand. These brothers are really doing a great job of building clothing that fits and works well. Lightweight fabric and great style. There’s so much more too... Great linen shirts from Alan Paine, shirts and shorts from Barbour... Billy Reid, from Florence, Alabama, created a terrific collection for guys that includes shirts, shorts, and pants that always fit great. I’m also happy to say that we are now carrying Coolibar — a Minnesota company making sun protection clothing for both men and women.   

As usual, I could go on and on…. so just swing by and see for yourself!

Today is going to fly by too fast. A quick trip to town this morning to pick up a few needed items from the hardware store, then a relaxing day by the lake. We’ll head back south tomorrow morning and I’ll be in the shop. I might be a hour late in opening. Sorry about that!

To all of you dads and grandads, and special guys — Happy Father’s Day. I’m sending lots of love to all of you. Have a great weekend. Be safe and be kind and I’ll see you soon.

My best,
- Bill


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