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Good morning all,

How are you? How are things in your world? Maybe you're reading this from a sunny beach somewhere, as many of you are off on spring break. I’m hoping it is fun and relaxing! As for me, I’m writing from the kitchen table up at the cottage. It’s still winter up here with a few inches of snow in the last few days and night time temps in to the teens. It’s the perfect weather as we’re here to shoot next fall’s Brightwater look book! Hard to believe this is the fifth. I decided to return to the sight of the first look book, my cottage, for this fifth anniversary shoot. The incredibly talented crew is arriving today and we’ll start photographing tomorrow. This is going to be a little different than some of the others, with a little bit of a nod to to the Nordic theme of "hygge", which roughly translates to a cozy quality that makes one feel comfortable and content. We’ve got cashmere, soft throws, warm sweaters, a fireplace, great friends, food and drink, cool toboggans and even a sauna from Cedar and Stone Sauna Company! It’s never too scripted, yet I know in the end it will be amazing because of this collection of friends. I’m so grateful for all on them! Stay tuned! I’ll give a recap in the next edition.

It’s been a busy few weeks at Brightwater too. Spring product is filling up the floor as the temps warm and the snow dissipates! We’ve got a great collection of spring and summer from many of the Brightwater stalwarts: Billy Reid, Ecru, Faherty, White and Warren, Holebrook, Kari Traa, Alan Paine and more. It’s been nice to see so many of you stopping in to take a look! Kate and Alex are manning the shop this weekend. If you are out and about, please swing by, take a look around, and say hi. I’ll be back in on Tuesday, as we’re going to stay north and embrace that "hygge" feeling on Monday, too.
I’m keeping this short as I’ve a list of things that need doing, starting with making a big pot of chili to share tonight. Wherever you are, I hope you having a terrific day. Remember to relax, embrace gratitude, and be kind. 

As always, lots of love.

My best,
- Bill

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