Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

Labor Day

It looking like a beautiful Labor Day weekend is upon us! Are you headed to the State Fair? Hanging out at home? Heading north? We are opting for the later. We’re going to grab a little bit more of summer, as well as get to a laundry list of fall-type projects that need doing, from firewood to yard work. Funny how that list never seems to get any shorter! It still will be wonderful. The nights are getting cooler, which means evening fires. I can sit in front of a crackling fire for hours… We’ll be getting together with friends, sharing boat rides and hopefully spending time just relaxing. The next few weeks are busy ones.

In other news, our first fundraiser for the Klondike Dog Derby is Kegs for the Klondike on Saturday the 10th of September at Excelsior Brewing. We’ll have a silent auction, informative talks from the mushing community, Klondike merchandise, and sled dogs to pet! It’s a family-friendly event. I sure hope you’ll be able to make it! It’s a great way to kickoff the countdown to the Klondike Dog Derby on February 4th, 2023!

The following weekend of September 16th - 19th, we are off to NYC for the Women’s spring and summer markets. We’re back at the Hotel Hugo in Soho, and visiting markets throughout Manhattan. The big one is Coterie at the Javits Center. We’ll be getting our steps in for sure! I’m excited to see what different collections the designers will showcase. I know we will squeeze in a few good meals too! I’ll give you a market weekend update when I return!

It’s alway interesting to be buying spring and summer clothing whilst the fall/winter offerings are streaming into Brightwater! That’s what keeps me on my game! There are new offerings from Lilla P, Margaret O’leary, Majestic Filatures, and more on the women’s side. For the guys there is new Billy Reid, Brax, White Sands, and Freenote Cloth, to name a few. And more is coming in daily! Swing by if you get a minute and check out the newness. Plus, there’s a still a good selection of summer clothing that is marked way down!

Brightwater will be closed Labor Day Sunday and Monday. I’ll be back in on Tuesday. I truly hope that you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, wherever you may be! Please remember to be kind, to be gentle, and to have some fun! 

Sending lots of love,
- Bill

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