Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

Emerson Fry, Faherty & Excelsior needs your help!

I’m writing this morning with my Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce hat on. I’m the current President of the Board of Directors.  

I’m writing because we need your help. We are in dire need of traffic control volunteer positions to be filled on the 4th of July. In the past, a local Boy Scout Troop has helped out, but they had to back out at a late moment. If you or a friend could take one of these two-hour shifts that would be incredibly helpful! Volunteers help prevent any unplanned traffic from getting on to Lake Street. Bring a lawn chair and a cooler!  

We need you in order to make the Lake Minnetonka 4th of July Fireworks happen. Please take a minute to click on this Sign-up Genius Link and volunteer. Thanks for stepping up!

On the shop side of things, Brightwater will be closed for the 4th and the 5th of July. For the second time in 11 years, I won’t be open on the 4th. Last year it was COVID, this year is because of family! My sister Kate, who lives in London, is arriving on the 2nd of July and we’re headed up to the cottage on the 3rd. I haven’t seen her in a year and a half. She had to return to London just a day and a half after Dad passed. It’s going to be so good to see her and spend some time together. 

I hope that you’ll swing by Brightwater before the 4th to see all of the new offerings that continue to arrive!  There are new pieces from Faherty — so soft and so comfortable, made with lightweight and airy fabrics that are perfect for these warm summer days.  We received a new shipment of Coolibar, too. Coolibar is a St. Louis Park based company that makes “Sun Protection You Wear.” For both men and women, these pieces are super soft! Easy styles that also give the sun protection that we all need. Their dresses have been big hits already!

Today I’m expecting a shipment from Emerson Fry, too. Emerson Bethany Fry is a designer based out of New Hampshire. “We make clothes that are consciously + purposefully made to last.” Quality women’s clothing made in the USA. Beautiful organic cottons, hemp, linens, Tencel as well as silks and wool, Emerson crafts timeless pieces that you will reach for years from now. If you’re familiar with Emerson Fry’s offerings, swing by to check out the new collection. I think it's pretty special. 

Enough of my rambling. Swing by Brightwater, when you can. I alway love to see you. Please sign up for a shift to support the 4th in Excelsior, if at all possible! 

As always, I’m sending lots of love and hope you have a terrific and safe 4th of July!

Be well, be kind, and I’ll see you soon.
- Bill

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