Spring has sprung at Brightwater!

Big Sky, Montana

Hi All, 

How are you? It’s so nice to finally have some warmer temps. I’ll even take the rain as long as it stays warm… Which doesn’t seem to be coming as fast as I’d like it to. Oh well, Minnesota weather!

I spent the last week or so in Big Sky, MT, with my daughters Hannah and Lucia. It’s an annual trip to spend time together and ski. They both have settled there. I’m pretty lucky! Pre-trip they were warning that that we may do more hiking than skiing as they had a warm spell that had taken a toll on the ski conditions. A week ago Monday, the day after I arrived, the snow came! Over 12 inches of it! The skiing was amazing! It felt more like a mid winter trip than April. Cold, crisp and beautiful snow!

It’s so much fun to see my girls flourish in Big Sky. They both have professional jobs with Big Sky Co., and are leaned on when projects need to get done quickly and done right! It makes a dad proud. We had some incredible ski days. We spent a day checking out Ennis, and Virginia City, MT, and mostly just enjoyed each other's company! The time flew by and I really wasn’t ready to leave. 

Yet, Brightwater was beckoning! I flew back on Monday and have been in the shop since. I’ve been diligently working to get all the new spring products out and looking great. There’s a whole lot of new! I’m particularly excited to tell you about one of our latest additions, Bogner. Bogner is a German company, most noted for amazing ski wear. Their summer collection is stunning. Sportswear and light outerwear that will be perfect for the coming MN summer! I’d really like to encourage you to swing by and take a look — we’ve got a good selection for women and men. On the women’s side, we have a new collections from Skhoop of Sweden, Purnell from Santa Monica, a perennial favorite Kari Traa from Norway, and a lot of new things from Faherty. The guys get a fresh boost from Alan Paine, Relwen, Holebrook, and of course Faherty. 

I’m around this weekend so please swing by and say hi. It’s always great to see you popping in, perusing the new offerings, and chatting a bit.

I’m grateful for all of you, grateful for my girls, our time spent together, and grateful for warmer weather! Let’s hope it keeps coming. 

Be well, be kind, and take care of one another.

Lots of love to all of you.
- Bill

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