Ski Race Knit
Ski Race Knit

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Ski Race Knit

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Conveys a story of alpine sports’ first racing personalities, their passion for skiing, and their highly fashionable taste on and off the mountain.

70% super-fine merino, 30% cashmere yarns blended for softness, form-fitting comfort and lasting durability. High collar and fitted cuffs for additional comfort.

The classic V graphic recalls the Fifth Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, where the inaugural female champions were crowned in downhill and slalom.

Initially a form of recreation reserved for men, ski racing racing’s romance and elegance came into clear view in 1931 during the first unofficial FIS World Alpine Championships and then again in 1948 during the V Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland. 1931 marked Esme MacKinnon’s British victories in the downhill and slalom, the first for any woman and a resounding transformation of a sport finally graced and refined by female precision, style, and aplomb. Seventeen years later, inspired by MacKinnon, women compete in their first downhill and slalom events of the ’48 Winter Olympics and names such as Hedy Schlunegger of Switzerland and Gretchen Fraser of the United States would be awarded the first gold medals in the Downhill and Slalom, events respectively.

Comfortable and protective, with elements of properly knitted fiber construction and a rich yarn complexion.