Grayers Birdseye Crew

Grayers Birdseye Crew


One of Grayers Founder Peter's Picks for the season, our Birdseye Jacquard crew is part of a new line-up of modern textured pull-overs. They come in a luxurious yarn from just budding cotton, which creates especially soft sweaters. Natural marls, heathers and birdseye jacquard stitches add even more character to our navy and gray multi-texture sweater. This is one of those sweaters you can wear year-round, and it will come in more than handy for a lot of occasions. It's the perfect mid-weight and teams well with pretty much everything.

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Key Features of the Durham

  • Crew neck

  • Natural marls and jacquard stitches create a cool texture

  • Bottom hem

  • 100% Cotton

About the Brand: Grayers

A brand that rewrites the classics and makes them uniquely Grayers - well crafted, redefined and modernized - in a way that doesn’t break the bank. Focusing on digging up and developing interesting fabrics and textiles, innovative ways of weaving, knitting, cutting and sewing.