Grayers // Firestone Shirt in Garnet Rose

Grayers // Firestone Shirt in Garnet Rose


The reference to "power looms" goes back to the early days of industrial textile weaving. In India, the power loom industry thrives by making unique cloths that speak to the heritage of a bygone era. This season we partnered with an old family mill in Chennai to deliver a few original patterns. The special yarns are "pigment dyed", giving the pattern color variations of highs and lows that will weather and fade, similar to your favorite denim or chambray. The cloth has been woven in a loose construction, giving the shirt a soft and comfortable fell. 

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Key Features of the Durham

  • Spread collar

  • 1 patch pocket

  • Chambray trimmed yoke, placket and gusset

  • 100% Cotton

About the Brand: Grayers

A brand that rewrites the classics and makes them uniquely Grayers - well crafted, redefined and modernized - in a way that doesn’t break the bank. Focusing on digging up and developing interesting fabrics and textiles, innovative ways of weaving, knitting, cutting and sewing.