Skauen Field Shirt

Skauen Field Shirt


Warm, quick drying and super soft. Amundsen’s Skauen Field shirts feature a full zip for a more active lifestyle.

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Special details about this Flannel

Contrary to popular belief, flannel is not a particular type of material or pattern, but a way in which a material is treated. Flannel is most commonly found in wool and cotton, although synthetic materials have been used to make flannel as well. First, the yarn is spun loosely, creating the softness for which flannel is known. Then taken through a process called napping. This is done by brushing the fabric with a fine metal brush, creating fine fibers from the loosely spun yarns. This process is what makes flannel ideal for colder months. Unlike other cloths that rely on a fabrics density or weight, the air pockets created with flannel are its advantages.

key features

  • 100% cotton

  • Full zip and buttons

  • Machine wash at 40˚c

  • Do not tumble dry

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