Spring in Stutterheim // North Shore Edition

May 2019 // Entry by Lindsey Marschka, Photography by Hosanna Termaat


When was the last time you embraced melancholy? I like to think of the word as pensive, woeful, gloomy in the highest sense. It’s a feeling that stimulates creativity, playfulness, an extra-sensory awareness of your surroundings. A fuel for discovery. Take Stutterheim founder, Alexander Stutterheim. On the Swedish island of Arholma, he unearthed his recently passed grandfather’s old raincoat. An artifact of a loved one. A timeless piece imbued with meaning, one to embrace. It was this heavy, functional article of clothing that inspired his first creation, and continues to weave into the designs we know today.

It was a feeling of melancholy, the loss of a loved one yet the discovery of a treasure, that fueled the company’s handmade creations. When I was nestled in the woods of the north shore, hugged by my pale pink Stutterheim coat, I felt it. A calm wave of childlike nostalgia, sadness for days past but gratitude for the moment. It was a dreary playfulness - running from one tree to another, grasping branches, shielding from rain. The canopy of trees consumed me, as if to say, “Yes - go. Climb. Play. Jump. Run - Feel.”

There’s something to be said about the simple, functional, and timeless. Wearing a Stutterheim is an embrace of nostalgia, one that sends me back to my roots, back to days past of play and purity. Maybe it’s the high quality materials, the rigorous testing, the flowy silhouettes, the earthy colors. They’re guaranteed to make you feel held, childlike, ready to dance on the edges of the wilderness or prance down the street in style. Perhaps it really is what Stutterheim calls, “Swedish Melancholy at its Driest.” European function meets handmade beauty, ready to be put to the test.

Stutterheim coat colors are muted and earthy, like the shades of springtime herself. Soft, like the earth I tip-toed upon. Thick, like the tree trunks that anchored the climbs. The handmade, rubberized 100% PVC coating on a cotton/poly membrane keeps the silhouette stylish without skimping on function. The double-welded seams are individually tested, with metal snap closures and cotton drawstrings timeless in their ease of use, stylish and streamlined for any occasion.

Springtime in the north country is a tiny beacon of passing moments that if embraced, can provide many clues to earth’s awakening. But - the right gear is key. A raincoat that moves with me, steals the show and anchors me in so I’m able to fully wrap in the experience? That’s the good stuff. It’s a cherished hug from myself, to myself.

There aren’t many things I know for sure, but one of them is this: you can love pretty colors and also muddy boots. You can invite the grass stains yet collect quality and beauty. My Stutterheim raincoat from Brightwater is my safe place in storms. My warm embrace when I need a classic, tried-and-true layer. It’s there for it all. Just like nature flowing with the seasons of time, it flows with me. For me.