New & Noteworthy for this Year

Interview with Bill Damberg by John DuBois // New & Noteworthy for Fall & Winter 2019


John: What is it that you see in a piece of clothing that you choose?

Bill: Autenticity. Its’s kind of a form follows function thing.

John: What makes something timeless?

Bill: Timesless: I look at design, fabric, colors. I search for something that you can wear today, and in a few years. I don’t want to sell a piece that says: I’m oh so Fall 2019!

John: How do you judge quality?

Bill: Quality is in the fabrics, the touch, the attention to detail, the fit, and the level or workmanship.

John: Have you ever gone to a show and not bought anything?

Bill: Yes. I have. But it’s more often a disappointing show when I can’t find that new and unique line.

John: How do you find this stuff?

Bill: When I go to markets, the first thing I research is if there are smaller markets, pop-up type, that feature new up-and-coming lines or new to the US Market that are not part of the big show. When at the bigger established shows, I look for something new and different. For the most part attending a show is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I walk through aisles and aisles before I might even stop to take a look a piece, maybe just one piece out of a collection that catches my eye.

John: Anything fresh and exciting this year? Maybe a piece that even surprises you?

Bill: I’m excited about Amundsen Sports, A Norwegian Company started by a descendent of Roald Amundsen, the famous Norwegian explorer. “His successful combination of tradition with innovation strongly inspire us on our mission to enhance and simplify the everyday life for outdoor enthusiasts. We develop smart products inspired by the past and built for the future with advanced technical features and state-of-the-art materials.”~ Jergen Amundsen, co-founder of Amundsen Sports. This quote might contain the essence of what I search for in clothing and accessories for Brightwater.

The Other company that I am enamored with this season is Alps & Meters. Alps & Meters creates luxury alpine sportswear designed by tradition. You wore their lace up anorak in the shoot. "Each garment is built to deftly adhere timeless aesthetic values with modern performance attributes to create a contemporary expression of traditional alpine sportswear.”~ Alps & Meters