Roll the Credits


With heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to Brightwater’s Winter 2018/2019 Look Book…


• Bethany Hway, our art director.

• Eliesa Johnson, a Minneapolis photographer, likes to capture unseen moments and share them with the world.

• Erik Eastman, one of Minnesota’s finest mixologists who was so impressed with the clothing that he borrowed a $250,000 Bentley to pair with them.

• Grace Isbell, our main model, born in West Africa, now makes her home in Northern Minnesota.

• John Dubois, our talented copy writer.

• Jon Reyerson, of Morrie’s Auto, for the Bentley.

• Jon Wipfli, author, BBQ guru, personal chef and our Carhartt-bib clad grill master. 

• Julie Schmelzer is a Kimball, MN musher, who, when she’s not running with her Siberian Huskies, works as a sign language interpreter.

• Kathryn Vork Waryan is a long-time Brightwater employee and a mixed-media visual artist.

• Minnesota Pure Clear Ice for the elegant Ice Bar.

• Paul Buttenhoff, a college professor with a boot problem: he owns hundreds. 

• Stan Passananti, an Ely outdoorsman who once raced sled dogs of his own in the Iditarod, is the closest thing to being our producer. Much of the talent are not only friends of his, but also family: Bethany Hway, the art director, is his daughter.

• Stan Skelton, a no-nonsense bush pilot coaxed into modeling by the chance to play in a couple of bar league hockey games in Eveleth.

• Steve Waryan, our excellent copy editor.

• The Fish Guys for the delicious lobster, shrimp and trout.


Belstaff, from the United Kingdom, got its start weatherproofing fabrics for the British military. 

Dale of Norway, a company that has made wool sweaters, cardigans and jackets in the land of steep mountains, waterfalls and fjords since 1879.

Hestra Gloves, a third-generation Swedish company that, among adventurers, works with the Swedish and Norwegian ski teams.

J.W. Hulme, a St. Paul company that transforms the finest leather from small craft tanneries into made-to-last goods.

Nobis, a Toronto outerwear company that encourages you to take your passion anywhere.

Parajumpers, a company grew out of a chance meeting in an Alaskan bar between a noted designer and a member of the 210thRescue Squadron.

Red Wing Shoes, of Minnesota, continues to set the standard for performance-built footwear.

White and Warren, a Manhattan company that makes impeccable quality knitwear for women.