Olukai // Kipi Sandal (Men's) in Black

Olukai // Kipi Sandal (Men's) in Black


Long before Western sailors dipped a finger in that ocean, Polynesians had explored the entire Pacific on great voyaging canoes built in traditional yet sophisticated techniques. A nod to native exploration and craftsmanship, the rich, premium full-grain leather Mea Ola features canoe lash whipstitching and octopus-inspired laser-etched artwork—a super comfortable sandal with design inspired by age-old tradition.

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Key features

Kīpī (kee-pee) = Rebel

  • Water-ready build tested and approved by the HLA, features decorative strap stitching welded hook logo, laser footbed detail, and a custom jacquard webbing tag, which represents the traditional colors of the HLA.

  • Water-resistant synthetic straps with quick-drying jersey knit lining and a soft comfortable nylon toe post.

  • Compression molded EVA midsole with brushed dropin ICEVA footbed provides anatomical fit for sustained comfort.

  • Non-marking Wet Grip Rubber outsole lugged and siped for added traction on land and wet surfaces.


Brought me back for more 

Lived in Hawai'i for several months and initially brought some sandals with me, but walking to Waikiki from Manoa felt awful on my feet so i decided to try these when I stumbled across them in a shoe store. Started off mildly uncomfortable but didn't take long to break in and form to my feet. Have walked many miles in them, can confirm best sandal I've ever worn. Zero pain no matter how far I walk in them. It's been a year now and I'm ready to try a different pair this summer. 

Ajani 5/15/19

Great all around sandal 

I live in Yucatan, Mexico and spend a lot of time in Hawaii. That means I live in sandals and the Kipi fits my lifestyle perfectly. I waited a year before writing a review so I could gage durability as well as comfort and I can say these sandals or the real deal. The fit is very comfortable with very little flip flop". The footbed cradles your foot with good arch support which is lacking on many sandals. The sole is grippy when wet although the insole gets a little slippery. If you wear sandals all the time and are looking for style, comfort, and durability, this sandal is for you !"

Steve 11/25/18

Great sandals 

I bought these sandals before going to Cozumel. I never wear flip-flops. There was a little break in time but not for the sandals, from my feet. Not used to having a leather strap between my toes so I was a little sore. Once my toes were broken in these things felt awesome. They look great, feel great, and I suspect they are going to last a long time. Seem to be very well constructed. At the time of purchase I felt like they were a little overpriced but I think in the long run these will prove a great buy.

Pablo 1/21/19